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About Me

I’m a husband, father, IT pro, cyclist, runner, hiker, skier, camper, and 4WD driver (in approximate order of relevance/importance). I do my best to take advantage of the outdoors opportunities Colorado has to offer, balanced against my other responsibilities. I’m a curious person in general and this site is an attempt to record my efforts to observe and understand the world around me.

If you wonder about the URL… Cranking It Out is a tribute to all of us who at times are just trying to get through the next 10 minutes. Whether it is a big climb on a bad day on a bike, a project at work with an unrealistic deadline, or something more personal… I promise if you keep “cranking it out” you’ll get past your current challenge, and even if it isn’t the best thing you’ve ever done, it’s ok. That discomfort you feel is experience forming.